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ONLINE WEBINAR: Nutrition & Essential Oils for Digestion, Gut Microbiome & Mood

Join Naturopath, Nutritionist, Essential Oil Lover and Mumma to three, to learn about nutrition & essential oils to up-level your health and optimise gut health. You'll be posted essential oil samples and the materials you need to make your own natural perfume & natural hydrating face serum

You'll learn about nutrition & essential oils to create a thriving and diverse gut microbiome, improve digestion, optimise elimination and detoxification and regulate mood. You’ll also learn how easy it is to switch to low toxicity living, you’ll make your own DIY natural perfume and hydrating skin serum.

It is an online essential oils class so you can learn from your couch and uggies! You see, these essential oils hit the limbic brain within 22 seconds of smelling them! The limbic brain is the emotional control centre, which regulates hormones, memory, BP and mood - it's why smelling a grounding oil like Lavender, can calm your farm instantly; it's a great way to naturally support mood.

Your ticket includes 5 essential oils samples, 2 x empty 5ml roller bottle PLUS a gift from me, this way you get the 'whole class experience' and can experience the oils from the couch! You'll be able to make your own perfume and natural face serum, plus you'll receive a free ebook full of DIY Beauty Products!

Your goodie bag will be sent the old-school way, snail mail, my friends - so best to get your ticket by 4th September, to ensure the postie delivers your goodies in time before the live workshop!

We'll be kicking off live at 8pm (AEST) on Monday 8th July (in our private Facebook Oils group) teaching you how to use oils safely and confidently and how they are natural solutions that support healthy metabolism, natural stress management, modo management, immune modulation, improving digestion and more!

Note: This workshop is only open to those that do not already have a doTERRA wholesale account or are currently being educated by another doTERRA Wellness Advocate

That‘s it! Can’t wait to 'see' you there. Be sure to register, so you can get access in to our private FB group, which is how the webinar will be presented!


Earlier Event: August 27
Guts Webinar - ONLINE