Every month Olivia teaches essential oil workshops, in the clinic at Lane Cove or in YOUR home.

“Nothing fills up my love cup more than teaching you how to use nutrition & essential oils in your home to optimise your health. It’s nothing fancy. I’m not into the ‘latest and greatest’ Superfoods.

I teach you how simple, no-nosense nutrition & essential oils can support happy, healthy hormones, aid digestion, promote immunity, combat inflammation & improve mobility, support detoxification, plus some easy ways to use essential oils to make your own natural and organic skin care and natural cleaning product. We do all of this, whilst belly laughing, sniffing oils, eating essential oil infused healthy treats and connecting with amazing women”!

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Yup, you read that correctly. I come to YOU. I bring all my essential oils, information, resources, and freebies with me and teach you, your friends/family and/or like-minded women how to use essential oils as natural solutions for your health! Just reach out to me, we can chat and tee up a time. NB: I offer classes on weekdays, as well as weekends.