What's the LRP and POM?

There's some new lingo when you start using and loving doTERRA's essential oils and products. I want to be really clear what the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) is and why you'll love it, what Product of the Month (POM) means and how to get it and cover the monthly specials. Think of LRP as your monthly ‘Wellness Box’.

With your wholesale account you get 25% off the RRP! Beyond that, you get further discounts and freebies, including:

  • Additional 10-30% back on all orders

  • 100% of shipping back in points

  • Free Product of the Month when you process 125PV order between 2-15th of the month

Click here to watch a video that explains LRP


What is LRP?

There's a Loyalty Rewards Program that doTERRA gift Wholesale Account owners, which is a free and voluntary program that rewards you with points, each time you make a doTERRA purchase. This means you accrue points to buy new oils/products free! It works a bit like a Frequent Flyers Program.

The most intelligent and economic way to build your oils collection over time is to participate in the LRP, and make monthly orders, rather than doing big lump sum orders every so often. When you fall in love with oils it can be tempting to buy lots all at once, but you're better off slowly and affordably building your collection over time with the LRP program.

There's no minimum spend or automatic shipping that you don't have control over. You can cancel anytime by contacting doTERRA Member Services.

Set up your LRP order between the 2nd - 15th of the month in order to receive doTERRA's free product of the month

What's PV?

A: PV = Personal Volume. Each product has been assigned a PV.

This is because doTERRA essential oil are purchased from customers all over the world and therefore costs different prices in different countries. However, the PV of essential oils is the same world wide. For example, Wild Orange essential oil is $10.50 in the US and is $14.50 in Aus, but the PV is the same world wide, it's 12.50PV.

How does LRP work?

You can spend as little as $5 or $500 a month - it's up to you, depending on your health needs, your wants and your budget!

Each month you accrue rewards points, which you can spend the following month to buy free oils or you can save and accrue your points. If you place a minimum of 50PV each month you will continue to earn back more points, eventually after 13 months earning back 30% of PV points. For example, if you spend 100 PV you will earn back 30 PV, for free!

If you spend 1-50 PV per month you will maintain you rewards %, for example if at 5 months you place a 10PV order, you will continue to earn back 15% of PV points.

Make sense? Essentially, every 3 months you participate in LRP you earn back an additional 5%, until you earn back 30% of PV after 13+ months. To do this, each month you need to place an order of 50PV +. If you place an order between 1-50PV you'll maintain you rewards credit %.

LRP jpeg.jpg

What's Product of the Month?

Product of the Month (POM) is a monthly special that is included in all LRP orders over 125PV that are placed before the 15th of the month. DoTERRA gift you the product of the month, which is often valued between $20-$50. It's a great way to build up your essential oils/products collection, try new oils and replace exisiting oils/products.

So, when you purchase doTERRA products, your PV increases. When your PV reaches 125 on your Loyalty Rewards order, the product of the month will be automatically added onto your LRP order. Hence, you get a freebie!

Here's the steps to setting up your LRP:

Here's what you want to do to set up your LRP...

  • Log in to your own doTERRA account here: http://mydoterra.com/

  • User your username, which is your Wellness Advocate ID or IPC number, which you would have received in your welcome email from doTERRA. If you can't find it get in contact with the lovely doTERRA advocate that signed you up!

  • Place an order between the 2nd-15th of the month that is over 125PV. The POM will automatically be included in your order!

Most Popular LRP Ideas:

Here's a list of my personal faves and some of the most popular LRP ideas if you need any inspiration:

  • Mood Management Kit - this contains 4 of doTERRA's most popular mood management blends including:

    1. Elevation: The Joyful Blend

    2. Citrus Bliss: The Invigorating Blend

    3. Balance: The Grounding Blend

    4. Lavender Peace: The Restful Blend

    These are effective for anxiety, nervousness, depression, mood swings, irritability, hormonal changes/imbalances, sleep issues and low energy

  • Vetiver - often calledNature's Valium. It has calming, balancing, grounding and sedative properties.

  • Clary Calm - all women need this in their handbag. It's the monthly blend that contains 12 oils to balance hormones, provide calm and clarity, help manage pain and discomfort and stabilise mood. It's so easy, you just rub it on your abdomen area and soles of your feet

  • Whisper, Passion and Jasmine - these are in rotation as my natural perfumes. Whisper smells like a lolly shop – it’s divine. Passion is the ultimate blend of oils to lift libido, sexuality and mood. Jasmine is a flower smell with a hint of spice.

  • Salubelle – Blend of potent anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant skin supportive oils, that are applied to areas of uneven skin appearances, including scars (including C-section scars and acne scars), cellulite, stretch marks, sun spots, pigmentation and dry skin.

  • Natural deodorant, body butter, toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, body wash and hand wash- these are natural and organic, which you’ll get for wholesale price and 10%-30% back in points to buy free oils the next month


Olivia McFadyen, based in Lane Cove on Sydney's North Shore, is a Naturopath, Nutritional Therapist, Herbalist and Homoeopath and doTERRA Wellness Advocate (aka essential oil lover). Olivia is your girl-next-door Naturopath; there's no calorie counting, deprivation or fad, just practical nutritional recommendations, which includes 7-day meal templates, meal ideas, recipes and shopping lists, and easy-to-apply lifestyle recommendations. She services her patients by offering in-clinic and Skype consultations and corporate workshops. Olivia also loves collaborating with fellow health enthusiasts; she offers essential oil workshops, that take place in the clinic in Lane Cove or in the comfort of your own home, with your loved ones. She looks forward to connecting with you