Fertility affects 1 in every 6 Australian couples of reproductive age.  And that number is growing, which is scary and incredibly confronting if you are desperate to conceive naturally and grow your family.

Here's the thing - it takes two to tango.  To really understand what can be contributing to your fertility we need to consider the couple; both of you.  Olivia is passionate about working with couples to optimise you chance of natural conception. By only working with one part of the equation, we get limited results.  

Did you know that approximately 50-60% of infertility cases can be attributed to problems with the male partner, and around 85% of miscarriage issues can be related to chromosomal issues in sperm?

How can naturopathy support fertility?:

* Regulate hormones, which will increase the number of follicles

* Help switch on the 'calm' part of the nervous system to destress you


* Increase blood flow to the uterus to nourish the reproductive system

* Increase uterine lining to make it thicker

* Protect eggs and sperm from oxidative damage