Beating Adrenal Fatigue - Why You Need a Holiday

Who doesn't love a quick peruse of the travel section of the newspaper, or find themselves tuning into Jetstar’s latest deals on flights to Thailand? The truth is you do because you need it. Well, not necessarily the tropical island holiday, unfortunately, but the rest and relaxation. It’snot-negotiable to maintaining your optimum health and preventing illness. I know, I know, with that news you want to give me a big virtual hug.

Cross-country skiing at Silver Star, Canada

Cross-country skiing at Silver Star, Canada

I was lucky enough to have an 8-week winter holiday through the UK, Canada and the States until February this year. That explains my pasty skin, my lack of communication, irregular blogging and why so many of my Instagram updates were showing off the latest city I was exploring.

But, I’m back – refreshed, rejuvenated and recharged. The exciting part? Naturopathy with Olivia has now launched in Australia! My new clinic is up and running at The Pilates Centre Mosman and I would love to see each and every one of you, especially if you’ve got any niggling health concerns or you need someone to whip your butt into shape and help you to be the very best version of yourself. Check out my exciting new programs and get in touch for a complimentary 20min health assessment over the phone.

Back to my point, you require rest regularly to give your adrenal glands a break and allow your body time to rejuvenate and heal. Your adrenal glands – the two little guys perched above the kidneys, are the ones that respond to daily and chronic stresses by releasing stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol.

We all respond to stress differently but most of us face daily stresses like job commitments, financial stress, family issues, etc. Stress can be healthy – when your alarm goes off in the morning it is positive, healthy and challenging stress that gets you out of bed and off to work. Stress can also be lifesaving in crisis moments, when you need a “fight or flight” response, like if George Clooney starts chasing you down the street.

Seriously though, if you’re exposed to stress for a long period of time these glands literally become exhausted and fatigued, and produce too much or too little cortisol, hence the term adrenal fatigue. 

Research indicates that up to 90% of all visits to doctors are for stress-related complaints / illnesses, including blood sugar irregularities, sugar cravings, weight gain, energy crashes, headaches, hormone imbalances, fertility issues, digestive disturbances, immune dysfunction, sleeping issues and cardiovascular issues such as stroke.


Firstly, remember that you can see your naturopath as well as your GP. Secondly, here are a few things you scan include in your diet to address adrenal fatigue:

  • B-Vitamins – Known as ‘anti-stress’ vitamins, especially Vitamin B-5, these restore cortisol levels and enhance your mood. B-5 is found in yeast, eggs, chicken, liver and nuts – especially peanuts
  • Magnesium – Regulates blood sugar levels, reduces energy crashes and supports energy levels. Magnesium is found in cacao, brown rice, spinach, rocket, avocado, beans, lentils and oily fish such as mackerel
  • Tyrosine – An amino acid that is involved in chemical messengers in the brain that regulates mood, which can be found in good-quality protein sources including nuts, seeds, eggs and meat
  • Licorice Tea – Licorice is classed as an adaptogen herb for its ability to support your body as it adapts and responds to stress, and repairs your adrenal glands

On that note, grab your diary and find time for rest and holidays this year. You need to prioritise yourself and your health. Who knows, you might even need to consider cashing in on those Jetstar deals!

Olivia McFadyen, based in Mosman on Sydney's Lower North Shore, is a qualified Naturopath, Nutritional Therapist, Herbalist and Homoeopath. Whilst Olivia is a qualified Naturopath and Nutritionist, she is also a realist and understands the demands of modern day life, offering nutrition, herbal medicine and homoeopathic consultations and support without compromising on the enjoyment food can bring. She is passionate about supporting patients to reach their lifestyle goals, optimise their health & develop a healthy yet balanced way of life through naturopathy and homoeopathy. She services her clients by offering 4 and 12 week natural health programs from her clinic in Mosman on Sydney's Lower North Shore.