Take Control of your Health, Grab Life by the Horns and RISE!

Are you sick of sitting by the sidelines and slipping into default behaviour, you know the feeling where the days seem to slip by? Most of us get so caught up with the doing in life we don't stop to think about RISING in life!

Have you heard of that concept of raising your vibration? I know, I know, it sounds a bit woo woo and a bit out there. But it's not. It's backed by research, by scientific data.

Everything on the earth including plant matter, humans and animals are made up of atoms, which give and receive energy.  Energy exists in  in different vibrations or frequencies, measured in Mega Hertz (MHz). Everything from the human body, your thoughts, what you eat, your car, your computer etc. has energy. 

You know when you spend time with people who are inspiring, amazing, confident and successful, you actually feel smarter, more connected and more at peace having spent time with them? It's because they raise your vibration! By the same token, when you spend time with people who focus on being victims, dragging others down and quite simply being grumpy bums...they drag your vibration down.

One of the best examples I can think of to describe a high-vib person is my older brother, Dave. He's a relaxed kinda guy. Everything always 'seems' to fall in to place for him. He always snags the best parking spot. He's the one who gets the upgrade from economy class to business class. Just before he's handed in his resignation he was offered a rather attractive redundancy. You get the picture...

Here's the thing, it's not luck. It's BELIEF. He's got belief - in himself, in circumstances, in everything he sets his mind to. He never focuses on setbacks or 'failures'. All he ever focuses on is being in flow, in success, in achieving whatever he has set his mind to. Quite simply, he has a high vibration. Energy attracts energy, also known as The Law of Attraction. 

Naturopathy with Olivia

The human body usually sits at around 60-70MHz but this can be massively affected by who you spend time with, your thoughts and your environment. When your frequency drops, your immune system is compromised.

  • Human Body vibrates at approx. 60-70 MHz
  • Cold/Flu starts at 58-60 MHz
  • Receptive to cancer = 42 MHz
  • Processed food = 0 MHz
  • Fresh foods = 20+ MHz
  • Fresh, whole foods vibrate = 20-25 MHz
  • doTERRA Rose essential oil vibrates at 320 MHZ!!!

Can we just talk about that for a minute? That's not a typo. Rose essential oil is literally one of the purest forms of high vibing plant matter, at 320MHZ! By diffusing, inhaling and applying rose essential oil topically you can raise your vibration; put you in a space of love, patience, growth, connectedness and health!

 If you are consistently in a space of negative self-talk, stress, anxiety, eating processed food, lack of sleep, drinking stimulants, not moving your body... you know, a lot of those things we can end up doing, then you'll be in a lower vibrational state, which often leads to health issues, like fatigue, stress, anxiety, depression, sleeping issues, digestive complaints and so on.

Here's my 4 tips to raising your vibration:

1. Watch your thoughts - meditation is quieting your mind and it allows you to watch your thoughts.  Just 5 minutes of meditation per day can lower cortisol, a key stress hormone, and help rebalance your body. 

Tip: If you're newer to meditation go for a guided meditation, there's lots of free ones online. 

2. Eat high vibrational foods - this is plant-based, pure, whole foods. It's nothing fancy, no fads, no deprivation. It's about focusing on increasing your intake of high vibrational foods, like veggies in your diet. If you're not sure what to eat for your body reach out to Olivia - she can give you a diet overhaul by formulating a bespoke nutritional plan, which includes a 7-day meal template, meal ideas, shopping list and recipes through private practice as a Nutritionist and Naturopath.

Australian adults are recommended to eat 6 serves of vegetables per day. This equates to roughly 6 cups.

Recent statistics showed only 7.5% of Aussie's manage to do that. So go for it... focus on increasing your veg and eating 6 cups of vegetables throughout the day.

3. Focusing on gratitude - Grab a notebook or journal and scribble down 3 things you're grateful for at the end of each day. This is also a conversation you can have at the dinner table. I often ask my 3-year old son, Jack, what his favourite thing was about the day and what he's grateful for. 

 Here's a video of one of my fave inspirational guys, Prince Ea, and how to be grateful

4. Essential oils - most of you know by now, I'm completely into empowering myself, my kids and YOU with natural solutions to managing stress and anxiety, enhancing mood and supporting overall health. Essential oils are one of my favourite tools to take control of your health.  Oils also allow YOU to be the healer in your own home. So before you call the Naturopath or the doctor you've got something in your medicine cabinet that can support your health!

Rose essential oil doterra - naturopathy with olivia

Essential oils are pure plant extracts; they're 50-70 times stronger than the plant itself.  Essential oils are kinda like the immune system of the plant. They have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, mood enhancing and immune supportive properties, that have the same effect in the human body.

Oils pack a punch; one drop of pure peppermint essential oil = 28 cups of peppermint tea.

Think about how good you feel when you smell a bunch of red roses? It literally raises your vibration! Rose essential oil is the highest vibrational oil on the planet.

If you want to raise your vibration; be the best you can, expand with love, reach a state of calmness and clarity, then you want to get on to high vibing oils. It's proven. It's in the research - Rose essential oil vibrates at a rate of 320MHz.

Rose essential oils is called The Oil of Divine Love - it supports you to connect with divine love. It helps you open up, let go and RECEIVE love. People pleasers and Mumma bears out there ... I'm looking at you. I get it, receiving love can feel self-indulgent, selfish even. It isn't. You've gotta fill up your love cup and receive love, so you can give it to your little people at home, to your co-workers, to your clients, to your family... to everyone.

Not only does Rose uplift your mood but it's also known to support skin health. Rose also helps balance moisture levels in the skin, reduces the appearance of skin imperfections and promotes an even skin tone. It's perfect for applying to areas of dry skin, irritation, pigmentation, acne scars, age spots, cellulite, stretch marks and burns.

The only brand I personally use in my house and recommend for patients and customers is doTERRA, which are the most pure, ethically sourced and therapeutic-grade oils. Don't grab a $50 bottle of Rose from Target or your local chemist - you want a pure product to get the health benefits.

You can grab a bottle of doTERRA rose essential oil in a 'Touch' roller, which is already diluted in fractionated coconut oils, so it's perfect for throwing in your handbag. If you're ready to up the ante you can also get a blend of the three highest vibing oils; Rose, Helichrysum and Frankincense, in a blend called Salubelle. Salubelle is known as the 'Anti-aging blend', aka as Nature's Botox. You can rub these oils straight on your neck, heart chakra or wrists to increase your vibration & enhance your mood, or apply it directly to desired skin areas.

If you're thinking just gimme these oils then you can grab them here

To find out more come about the power of Essential oils or come along to one of Olivia's next essential oils workshops or pick her brain you can connect with her by emailing her

Olivia McFadyen, based in Lane Cove on Sydney's North Shore, is a Naturopath, Nutritional Therapist, Herbalist and Homoeopath and doTERRA Wellness Advocate (aka essential oil lover). Olivia is your girl-next-door Naturopath; there's no calorie counting, deprivation or fad, just practical nutritional recommendations, which includes 7-day meal templates, meal ideas, recipes and shopping lists, and easy-to-apply lifestyle recommendations. She services her patients by offering in-clinic and Skype consultations and corporate workshops. Olivia also loves collaborating with fellow health enthusiasts; she offers essential oil workshops, that take place in the clinic in Lane Cove or in the comfort of your own home, with your loved ones. She looks forward to connecting with you