Skin conditions 101

Have you tried every lotion and cream for relief?

Have you played around with different medication and remedies?

There's a good chance we need to look further than skin deep.  We need to look at factors that are causing and exacerbating your skin condition. Given our skin is a detoxification pathway it makes sense that to manage skin conditions we need to look at diet, lifestyle factors, stress, medications, etc. that can be adding a load to our liver and contributing to skin issues.

Skin conditions like acne, eczema/dermatitis, rosacea, psoriasis and hives can cause irritation, itchiness to the point of bleeding, redness, swelling and burning. These don't just affect our skin they affect us, our everyday life, our mood, our appearance, how we move our body, how we sleep... it has a huge impact on our everyday lives.

Skin conditions are on the rise: 

It's estimated that 10-15% of Australian's have eczema (also called atopic dermatitis)

1 in 4 children develop eczema before the age of two

Skin conditions can be triggered and exacerbated by different factors for us all.  


  • zinc deficiency
  • essential fatty acid deficiency
  • vitamin D deficiency
  • glutamine deficiency
  • poor digestion and elimination
  • intestinal permeability (aka leaky gut)
  • food intolerances such as dairy intolerance and gluten intolerance
  • allergies 
  • environmental factors such as soaps, lotions, washing detergent, etc.
  • stress


  • zinc deficiency
  • essential fatty acid deficiency
  • hormone imbalance, including high oestrogen, low progesterone and high testosterone
  • gut health issues, including overgrowth of challenging/opportunistic gut bacteria, such as yeast overgrowth
  • food intolerances

testing & where to from here:

We work with you to identify the cause and exacerbating factors of your skin condition.  We focus on providing you relief to reduce skin flare-ups, and at the same time address the cause(s).  We  start by changing your diet; focusing on an anti-inflammatory diet that is also gut restorative, liver supportive and immune modulating.  We use a range of tests to understand exactly what is going on with your skin, such as zinc testing, essential fatty acid testing, food intolerance testing, allergy testing, vitamin D testing, hormone testing (including sex hormones) and coeliac gene testing, as well as a full blood test.

We support you with nutritional guidance, meal plans, shopping lists, recipes and a bespoke prescription pad to support your skin health and overall wellness. Contact us now to book in your consultation