We offer two types of naturopathy care; symptomatic relief to get you feeling better as quickly as possible, whilst also providing you with the resources, support and education you need to target the underlying causes of your health concerns/issues and adopt a healthy, vibrant lifestyle long into the future.

Think of our naturopathy support the way you might think of joining the gym. It's a long-term investment in your health and we will be your personal trainer for the inner you.


If you're new to Naturopathy or unsure if it, or Olivia, is the right fit for you, there is a complementary 20-minute health assessment, which allows you time to chat to Olivia about your health complaints, have a mini health assessment and get a better understanding of services.  There's no obligation to proceed.  Olivia often says finding a good Naturopath is like finding a good pair of shoes - you've got to make sure they fit! From there, you can book an initial consultation if you wish to proceed. The 20-minute health assessments take place in the clinic or over the phone.  Book here


Consultations take place in the clinic or over the Skype world. 

Initial consultations:

  • Comprehensive holistic health assessment, which includes your health history and dietary analysis

  • Urine testing

  • Zinc testing

  • Cardiovascular Profile testing

  • Iridology (study of the iris)

  • Tongue and Nail assessment

  • Body composition assessment

  • Review blood or stool tests

  • Bespoke natural health plan including prescription for natural medicines


Review consultations:

These consultations allow us to review your progress, listen to any questions you may have and assess whether your natural health plan needs to be tweaked to make sure you’re doing everything possible, in the most effective way, to achieve your optimal health outcomes.  We also provide a lot of coaching support and natural stress management techniques, to propel you to the next level.

  • Updated natural health plan

  • Personal prescriptions for natural medicines

  • Meal ideas

  • Shopping lists

  • Recipes

  • Coaching and emotional support

  • Ongoing testing to monitor progress


Initial consultations take 40 minutes and are priced at $85 (valued at $175)

Review consultations take 40 minutes and are priced from $100 - $125

Olivia also offers discounted package prices that are discussed in your first review consultation

Olivia is registered with private health funds for your to claim back a rebate.  All funds and policies vary but as a general guide, most clients receive $25 to $75 back per review consultation

To book a consultation or pick our brain contact us now